Garage door springs are pivotal part of the system

It is unfortunate that most people only think about the garage door opener and the garage door but seldom think about the garage door springs. This is understandable given that they are a little obscure, but this ‘ignorance’ is potentially dangerous.

The garage door cannot make any move without these springs. The garage door opener’s motor can run all day but without these springs, the door will not open. The springs’ design enables it to accumulate energy as the springs wind up when the door closes. This energy offsets the weight of the door thereby lifting it up.

If the springs should fail to work or even break, the door could come crashing down while closing, and possibly injuring people or pets that were passing through or standing nearby. If you do not want to get a replacement door soon after installing one, you need to avoid all this through regular maintenance.

How to maintain garage door springs?

Let us take a look at some of the things you can do to maintain your garage door springs regularly.

  1. Check the torsion shaft

That is the long bar going along the top of your garage door with the springs wrapped around it. Check the rotation of the shaft by lifting the door a little to make sure it is moving smoothly.

If that is not the case, lubricate the shaft and the end brackets on either end of the shaft. It is better to leave this to a professional and we at San Jose Garage Door Experts you are ready for this at any hour of the day.

  1. Check the center mounting bracket

This is the bracket where the spring’s stationary brackets bolt together. Make sure this is secure and that the rotation of the shaft within this bracket is clean. If there is some dirt built up, you can file it out to make the rotation smooth.

The springs should also be stationary at this bracket when the door opens and if they are not, the bolts need tightening.

At San Jose Garage Door Experts, we offer excellent spring maintenance services at competitive prices. Call us today if you your garage door springs are not working right.