Secure your garage when you are out of town. Here are a few tips that could help you prevent break-ins to your garage and keep your home and family safe while you are travelling.

Garage doors are usually the first point of attack for burglars and thieves and hence it is important that you secure it in the most effective way possible. Here’s how you should go about it:

1. Store the remote safely

Keep away the remote to your garage door opener in a safe place. Do not leave it in your car.

2. Make sure the emergency release of your garage door is secured

Contact a technician to understand how to do this. This will make sure that nobody can use your emergency cord to break in to your garage.

3. Lock your door

Separately lock the entrance between your door and the garage to prevent any kind of break in incident to your house.

4. Choose a strong and sturdy door

Do not opt for a simple and cheap door to save money. Choose a strong and sturdy door for your garage entrance to make sure that your home is safe. Thieves who use the garage as the first entry point into your house will thank you if you choose an unreliable door that gives in to a break-in attempt easily.

5. Disconnect the overhead door

Remove the garage door opener. Lock the entrance door and slide in a latch through one of the holes to make sure that no one can enter your garage while you are away.

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