When is the last time you inspected your garage door? Do you even inspect your garage door at all?

As long as there is a garage door in your home, it needs to be maintained regularly. This part of your home is the single largest mobile part of the home. It usually acts as an extra entryway. Garage doors also affect the curb appeal of every home in which they are installed.

If you live in San Jose, San Francisco, Cupertino, Fremont, Sunnyvale, Santa Clara, Campbell and Mountain View areas of California, you will have access to the repair services of San Jose Garage Door Experts. However, before you call these professionals, you can inspect your doors first to ensure that you know what is needed.

So, when should you call a garage door specialist? What signs should you look out for?

Is there a malfunction?

What happens when you open your garage door? Is the door always being stuck? Does your garage door drop too fast whenever you attempt to close it?

Check the springs. Are they broken? A broken garage door spring repair may be what you need if your garage door drops too fast.

You may also want to consider a garage door opener repair if your door is always malfunctioning. Your door opener unit may be the source of the problem. Maybe the circuitry needs to be adjusted.

Is there noise?

Noise is never a good thing to hear if you are operating your garage door, especially the silent variety. It usually signifies that some components are either broken, bent, or out of alignment.

For example, if the springs are broken, your garage door may begin to make irritating noises. That noise can drive you crazy!

You may want to check out other parts such as the tracks as well as the hinges. Are they out of alignment or bent?

Is the door stuck?

The last thing you want is to deal with is a garage door that keeps on being stuck every time you try to operate it. For one thing, you will have to expend a lot of energy pushing it open or closed. For another, a door that becomes stuck in motion may end up trapping someone.

Try to open and close your garage door as you watch it carefully. Is there resistance when it is motion?

Check out the hinges, tracks, and cables. Are they bent or broken? Are the tracks out of alignment? Is the garage door opener functioning as it should? If you are not sure of where the problem is, inspect each component responsible for smooth operation as carefully as you can.

Is there water damage/insect presence?

Check out your garage door. Do you see any water damage? Do you notice the presence of insects?

Do you know the function of a weather seal? This component of the garage door goes around the door and helps keep your garage protected from the harsh elements. It also keeps the insects at bay.

If your garage door makes noises, has parts that are sticking out because of misalignment and lets in insect and water you need to find the best garage door repair in Santa Clara, CA. The longer you postpone dealing with garage door problems, the more extensive the repair will have to be. Do you really want that?