At San Jose garage door experts we recognize that a garage door keeps opening and shutting and this is the main cause for its malfunction. We therefore offer the best and affordable services to repair, maintain and install a new one if need occurs. We are well known for our expertise in how we handle our esteemed customers.

We could not have made this reputation if it were not for our great team of technicians, they work diligently all round the clock to ensure that our customers are satisfied. You don’t have to doubt of our techies because we examine them properly to ensure that they are worth your trust.
At San Jose garage door experts we are up to date on how to deal with problems that come with the latest brands in the market. It is important to choose a brand that has the best design and material so as to enhance a garage door security.
Below are some of the services we offer;

  1. Repairs of all garage door parts,
  2.  Garage door installation and parts-we have been praised for being the best garage door installer in San Jose.
  3.  Maintenance of garage door and parts.
  4.  Garage door opener.
  5.  Garage door springs

Our team work and passion to deliver quality services has brought us this far. We derive happiness from serving our customers and if you are not yet convinced on why you should choose us below are some of the reasons;
• We offer a lifetime warranty on the garage door parts we install and also entice our customers regularly with huge offers on garage door parts.
• It would be very stressful if your garage door stopped working at night that is why we are available all round the clock including weekends and holidays.
• I can’t emphasis this enough we have qualified, licensed and experienced technicians that work diligently to serve all our customers in regard to their budgets and demand.
• Once your garage door breaks down don’t hesitate to call us and our experts will be at your door step in the shortest time possible.
• In case of an emergency reach us and we will respond within an hour.

Maintenance of your garage door is key to ensuring you don’t get startled once your door instantly breaks down. They say prevention is better than cure and this also applies to garage door maintenance. Technology has made things easier, a modern garage door has a LED light that blinks once when there is a disconnection and blinks twice to show that a wire to the sensor is shorted out.

Don’t panic because our experts have all the knowledge and skills to identify and deal with such indications. So feel at ease to visit our website or call for any query or comment. We appreciate our customers’ feedback it gives us the motivation to focus ahead and target on being the best in San Jose.
What are you doing with a malfunctioned garage door? We at San Jose garage door experts don’t rest until you are contented.


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