Many people seeking garage door repair service complain about the door moving too quickly or too fast. This may happen gradually or may occur without any prior warning. Such a door becomes a risk because there are high chances of it hitting someone. Unfortunately, many people don’t take the issues seriously until some damage has taken place. Some people may attempt to diagnose and find a solution themselves while others will seek help from the experts. There are several reasons that can make the garage door to move too fast and the solution to the problems will also vary. The most common reasons are as follows:

  • Broken or Faulty Springs

After consulting an expert in garage door service or examining the door themselves, many people discover the fault to be broken or faulty springs. Garage doors normally feature torsion springs that are attached on the top of the door or extension springs that are fixed on the left and right side of the door. The role of the springs is to support the weight of the door and also control the speed. This is achieved through the tension that is contained inside the metal springs. However, when the spring ages or breaks, the tension is lost meaning that the door can’t be supported as desired. Such a door will open or shut too fast.

  • Defective Door Opener Mechanism

Modern garage have become easier to open and close and are no longer operated manually. This is made possible through the garage door opener which operates using electricity from the mains. After is completed, the built-in motor and gear mechanism pull the cable or chain that is attached to the door forcing it to close or open. However, due to ignoring or not seeking the right garage door repair service on time, the unit becomes faulty. The gear mechanism may become misaligned or the power connections may be loose. Solving the problem can be as easy as a simple adjustment and in worst case scenario replacing the entire unit.

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  • Broken Cables

Cables are the links between the door and the opening mechanisms. They pull the door after the opener is activated and also support it when stopped midway. Overtime, the cables which are mostly made from metal become weak due to being pulled frequently. At times they may break because of aging, getting entangled with other parts, or an accident. It is also possible for the cable to disconnect from its bracket. Correcting the faulty may require re-installing the loose cable inside its socket, adjusting the cable, or replacing the broken one with a new cable. It’s recommended that during garage door service both cables to be replaced even if it’s only one that is bad.

A door that opens or shuts down too fast should be taken very seriously since it becomes a risk to anyone trying to access the door. Solutions should also be sought immediately the fault has been noticed. And unless you have the experience and tools to handle the faults its best to let garage door repair service experts handle the issue.