Expect it.

As with anything mechanical and electrical, there will be some problems with your garage door. Most problems are usually avoidable with regular maintenance but some may go unnoticed. For fixing these you need experts from San Jose to intervene.

It’s the opener!

More often than not, your garage door problems will be due to the garage door opener. The opener is like the heart of the entire system. So, if it is not in proper working condition, everything fails.

A variety of reasons…

As many little things contribute towards the proper functioning of the garage door opener, there are as many reasons why it could get disrupted. We will just take a look at a few of them based on some of the common garage door opener problems:

  1. The door will not open!

Many factors can cause this:

  • The remote – either the batteries are dead or the remote is damaged and needs to be replaced. You can confirm this by checking if the wall switch is working.
  • The power – maybe the power is out and the battery back-up is either depleted or unable to kick in due to some connection issues. It could also be an electrical problem, so you can check the circuit breaker and fuse of the ground fault circuit interrupter to make sure.
  1. The door reverses before or after hitting the floor

This could be an issue with the close limit switch. Alternatively, you may need to adjust the close force of your garage door opener. However, first check if there are any obstructions causing the door to reverse before hitting the floor.

  1. The door functions fine but the opener’s motor keeps running

This is an issue with the close limit switch as well. You will need to get that adjusted and maybe even moved away from the garage door opener’s motor unit.

  1. The opener stops in midway in its movement or doesn’t engage at all

This is likely an issue with the sensor beams. Make sure that the beam lights are on. Also check for obstructions or dirt. They should also be in proper alignment.