This is the sort of common problem that garage door repair services encounter on a fairly regular basis. You push the button on your opener with the aim of closing the garage door; only it closes part of the way and reverses, going back up.

In some cases, you can close the door if you hold the button until it descends all the way down and remains closed; however, this is just as annoying to many homeowners. It is often a sign that complications have arisen with the photo eye system of your door, and you might have to seek out garage door repair professionals to fix your problem.

Photo eyes came into being in the 1990s, when laws were passed in the U.S requiring garage door developers to equip garage door operators with secondary reversing systems; these so called safety eyes can be found on either side of the door, mounted to the track six inches from the ground.

They are designed to send infrared signals across the bottom of the garage door opening. In those cases where the beam gets broken, you can expect the garage door to reverse.

It isn’t uncommon for such complexities to arise from mistakes made during the garage door installation process. It is worth noting, though, that for all the complications they attract, photo eyes are not without their benefits, designed as safety features that prevent garage doors from closing on pets, cars, children and any other obstructions that might be in the way.

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In those cases where the garage door keeps reversing on its own, it is not always necessary to seek out the assistance of professional garage door services, not with all the steps and processes you can execute by yourself to resolve the problem, these including the following:

1. The first thing you need to do is to locate the photo eyes on either sides of the garage door, at the bottom. They are normally attached to metal brackets. With a soft cloth folded around your finger, try cleaning the lenses. It is not uncommon to find spider nests inside the small lip on the outer perimeter of the lens. Killing the spider and removing the nest should solve your problems.

2. If you try to lower the garage door and it still reverses, check the bottom of the door very carefully. Look for anything that might be obstructing the beam, such as a leaf stuck to the bottom of the door or a piece of paper.

3. Do not discount the possibility of an object on the floor that the door keeps making contact with each time it attempts to close. Take the time to sweep the area around the door, especially the area of the floor that comes into contact with the bottom of the garage door.

4. Scrutinize the lenses carefully to ensure that they have not been knocked out of alignment. Each lens has a light that should shine steadily when the lenses are properly aligned. If one or both lights are blinking, jiggle the wires or move the lenses until these lights are stable.

The fact that your garage door keeps reversing is not cause for alarm. Often the problem is far simpler than you might presume, with the sorts of solutions you can execute yourself.