Besides other components of a garage door that make it to function effectively, garage door openers play a key role in ensuring that the garage door opens with greater flexibility. Not only are they reliable and safe, but also luxurious to use especially when it starts to rain or when there is a huge snow storm and you can’t reach for the garage door to open it by hand.

Benefits of Adapting to the Use of Garage Door Openers

One of the reasons why many home owners choose to install garage door openers is that they are relatively cheap and most are automated with high-technology features that ensure the proper functionality of the garage door. Some of these features include a powered remote control which lets you open your garage door from inside your car even when you are a few meters outside your home. Garage door openers offer security not only to your garage door but also your car as no intruder can break into or get away with anything illegally. They are able to prevent injury risks because they detect the movement of the garage door by ensuring that the door doesn’t come descending abruptly on the floor of the garage door. With the assistance of the opener, you do not need to tire yourself pushing up or pulling down the garage door so that you can pack your car.

We offer three main types of garage door opener drives:

  • Chain drive door openers - Even though they make an amount of noise, they are effective in raising or lowering heavy garage doors. They are basically preferred because they are cost-friendly hence making them affordable.
  • Belt drive openers - Unlike a chain drive, this leather drive operates smoothly and quietly despite being relatively expensive.
  • Screw drive openers –  They are powerful garage door openers because they can withstand harsh weather and their quiet operation make them more reliable.

We have garage door opener products made to precision that many users have used and approved of them as user-friendly and dependable. Making sales and generating profits from the services we offer is not all we are after; our major concern is that you realize the excellent performance of our products and that your satisfaction is guaranteed. Below are some of the market’s top garage door opener brands and how they impact on garage doors:

  • Guardian Garage Door Openers –  To maintain precise performance of the garage door, the guardian door openers come in various models including the 6oo SL Guardian opener model which ascertains the conditions of your garage door at every other time, and the Premium 3 Button Remote which is well suited for home owners who may need to gain access to more than one garage door with one opener.
  • Lift Master Screw Drive Opener-  With the 3240-Premium Series, HP Lift Master Screw Drive Opener, you will not need to worry about how you will get your garage door opened irrespective of the weather conditions. This opener is suitable for any kind of weather and its advantage is that it operates with no noise.
  • Lift Master Wall Mount Garage Door Opener - For ideal performance during cold or extremely warm temperatures, you can count on the 8500-Elite Series Wall Mount Garage Door Opener.
  • Lift Master Belt Drive Opener - Reliable for its smooth and no-noise operation, a good example of an advanced belt drive opener is the 8550-Elite Series DC Battery Backup Belt Drive which ensures that you can light up your garage even when the lights are off. Another innovative product such as the new 8355-Premium Series � AC HP Belt Drive Garage Door Opener is MyQ technology-enabled which makes it possible to overlook your garage door by using a Smartphone or a computer even when you are not near your home.

Reasons to Trust our services

Being a reputable service provider, San Jose Garage Door Experts makes sure that no stone is left unturned as we cater for your entire garage door. We operate even on holidays and our responses are immediate upon receiving a call or an e-mail. Our products and services are charged at fair rates to any San Jose resident with a home garage and we work round the clock to tackle any garage door difficulties.