For your garage door to operate smoothly, ensure that the rollers are fully functioning. Most garage doors have two rollers positioned at the top, center and bottom. Replacing rollers is not an easy process. You require the right tools and follow proper procedures for a better work outcome.

First step – Know the Types of Rollers

Before you start the process, you must know the kind of rollers to be replaced. It needs to be clear that there are three types of rollers, top, bottom and center. In this guide, step 2 specifically handles bottom rollers. The third to the sixth step talks about center rollers. Seventh to tenth, talks about top rollers.

Second step – Bottom Rollers

Replacing bottom rollers is quite tricky. This is because the bottom bracket has a spring cable. The spring holds the weight of the door and tension. It is highly recommended not to perform a DIY on this part for safety reasons. You should ensure to appoint garage door repair professionals to help with the work.

Third step – Center Rollers – Removing the Nuts

For a wooden garage door, ensure to use the 7/16″ wrench to take away the nuts that hold the bolts on the roller hinge. Once you have removed these nuts, pick a hammer to knock out the bolts. Steel garage doors have hinges secured with the hex-headed screws. In this case, you should use the 3/8″ wrench to loosen the screws effortlessly.

Fourth Step – Remove Rollers

The fourth step is the easiest one. This is because all you require to do is to pull out the hinge from the door. After this, you will find it easy to remove the old roller out of the sleeve. Place the new roller’s shaft in the empty sleeve. Make sure it fits properly.

Fifth step – Inserting the roller Wheel

Step 5 requires you to insert the roller accurately in the garage door track. Ensure to align the mounting holes on the hinges with those found on the door. Be reminded that the alignment must be precise to permit the screws to go in smoothly.

Sixth step – Mounting the Hinge

The sixth step only requires you to screw the hinge. For those who have steel garage doors, it is recommended to use the self-drilling screws that you remove from the top and re-attach using a wrench.

For the wooden garage doors, you will require an assistance. Get a person to go to the other side of the door and slide in the bolts while holding the hinge. Once this is done, use a wrench to fasten the bolt nuts.

Seventh step – Top Rollers – Set Ladder

To be able to reach the top area of your garage door, make sure to position a ladder on the side of the door. Ensure that the length of the ladder is sufficient. Do not set it extremely vertical as it may fall and cause serious injuries in the process.

Eight step – Removing the Nuts

The eighth step requires you to pull out the nuts, which holds the roller to A-shaped top bracket. Remove the bolt by tapping it out then pull out the sleeve together with the roller.

Ninth step – Removing old Rollers and Placing The New

For the 9th step, apply the same procedure used on the center rollers to pull out the old one. Once successful, place the roller wheel into the track. Lastly, fix the adjustable sleeve on top of the bracket.

Tenth step – Secure Nuts

The last step requires you to fix the bolt through the bottom of sleeve top-up and tighten the nut. Perform the same procedure on the top roller.

Therefore, this is how we used to replace the garage door roller.