garage door opener

There is hardly any fixture in your home that that is subject to as much regular wear and tear as garage doors. Hence, they are prone to breakdown. In case of a breakdown, do not panic as these may occur due to minor problems and you do not necessarily have to call in a technician to fix them.

Even though some common garage door problems can be fixed, never make the mistake of fixing a difficult one that should be left to a professional. A few common garage door opener problems which you can fix yourself are explained here. First, we will talk about basic safety precautions.

Understand Your Garage Door Opener

To start working on the opener, first make sure that the door is closed. Pull the emergency cord and check if your door opens on doing so. If it doesn’t, the problem is most probably with the door’s rollers, springs or tracks.

Ensure Safety First

Garage Doors are quite heavy and a crash could lead to disastrous results. So first make sure that while working on the opener, your door is closed at all times. Disconnect your opener while working. This eliminates the risk of any accident or electrocution if an unsuspecting person presses the remote while you are working on the opener.

Common Problems and Their Solutions

Problem 1: Garage Door Opener Does Not Respond to Switch or Remote

Solution: Check the power source, fuse and motor unit. This problem usually arises when there is a disconnection. Ensure that your motor unit is plugged in correctly.

Problem 2: The Garage Door Does Not Close Completely

Solution: If your garage door does not come down completely, check the close limit switch. Hold up and lower the door with your hands to see if the door comes down completely or not.

Problem 3: Rust Spots at the Bottom of the Garage Door

Solution: Rusting may be caused after winters or from detergent or chemical residues from a driveway cleaner. You need to clean your door after using these detergents to prevent rusting. A weather seal is useful to prevent the rusting in winter.

Problem 4: Black Spots on the Front Side of the Garage Door

Solution: These may occur from oil residues on your torsion spring. Plan an annual washing of your garage door to remove these spots

Problem 5: Garage Door Bounces Back After Hitting Ground

Solution: There is probably some problem with the close force. You will need to do some adjustment with it to solve this problem.

Problem 6: The Door Won’t Go Down Without Holding the Wall Switch

Solution: You will have to check the safety sensors to fix this problem. Excessive exposure to sunlight can result in damage to the safety sensors. Check if the lights on the sensors are on when there is nothing between them. If they show no light, it is about time you change them.

Problem 7: Grinding noise during opening, but the door doesn’t open

Solution: Check your main drive gear for this problem. In this case however, it is best to call a technician to help you out.

Garage door openers may throw up several problems because of the regular wear and tear that they are subject to. However, if you an enthusiastic DIYer, you can fix some problems yourself. However, for safety reasons it is best to call in an expert.