Thinking of installing that garage door yourself? It might seem an easy task but there are few basics that you should keep in mind. Safety, yours and that of your family, should be your first priority. And keeping this in mind, it is best to first understand how to install the door correctly without causing harm to yourself or people around you.

Here’s a step by step explanation on the fundamentals of garage door  installation:

Step 1: Importance of Understanding the Instructions in the Manual

Most people skip the instruction manual conveniently and set up installation as if it were a game of blocks. The manual lists out a step by step procedure on garage door installation and  hence is an integral part of the process.

Step 2: Removal of the existing door

The first step of installing the garage door is removal of the existing door. A technician will first unhinge your old door and take it one panel by panel from your door frame. This procedure is to be done cautiously and hence a technician is the best person to do it.

Step 3: Measurement of length, width and opening height and attachment of handles

The next step that a technician would take would be measuring the length and breadth in the frame where in the new door will be fit. Once this is done, the bottom piece of the new door is prepared. Weather stripping, if provided, is attached and then hinges are attached to the door.

Step 4: Installation of the bottom piece in the door frame

Next, the bottom piece is placed into the frame and secured with nails. You will notice that the technician slightly contorts the nails to ensure that the door is securely fastened in the frame. He will then place the curved, horizontal and vertical pieces in the right position.

Step 5: Proceed the same way with the other panels

Once the bottom panel is placed, the rest of the parts are assembled and secured with screws and tracks.

Step 6: Fix the rollers

Once the panels are fit into the door frame, the rollers are fixed. This is followed by securing the track brackets of the rollers well. The technician will refrain from tightening them too much as friction can lead to damage in your door.

Step 7: Attach Springs

The technician will then attach the springs. This is followed by securing of the tracks to ensure that the door is steady and strong.

The door is then lifted and attached to the pulley system.

Installing a garage door requires a lot of caution. It is best that you let an experienced technician do the job instead of experimenting yourself. Garage doors are quite heavy and require you to work with electricity and hence can be dangerous.

This step by step procedure will help you understand the process as the technician works on your garage door.

Hope this article has been helpful. I will be waiting for your feedback on this.