A garage door opener is an electronic device that is widely used by a high percentage of individuals as a mechanism to automatically open their garage doors with a touch of a button and enhance their garage door security and safety. Currently, garage door openers are available in the market and can even be purchased through the most trusted online retailers like Amazon and delivered to your door step

Improvement in the level of technology has resulted in the development of smooth, excellent and effective garage door openers that are practically silent and very simple to install and operate. Regardless of whether you prefer a screw drive, belt drive or chain drive garage door opener, a smart garage door opener possesses the following features.

1-A Battery back up – A battery backup enables you to operate the door opener when your main electrical power is inaccessible. Without a battery backup you may end up being locked out of your own house.

2-Help and Support – A smart garage door opener meant to be installed by a home owner should have a customer support channel from the manufactures. At some point or during the garage door installation or garage door opener installation, you may have questions that need the manufacturer’s attention.

3-A Vacation setting – The vacation setting enables you to disable the garage door opener and prevent it from responding to any transmitter. This helps in ensuring the safety of your garage as no one can easily access it when the vacation setting is enabled.

4-Smart Garage Door Opener Features include a Manual Emergency Release – When your main source of power is lost, there should be an alternative that can be used to control a smart garage door opener. A manual emergency release enables the user to manually open their garage doors by pulling a cord that detaches the door from the opener.

5- Excellent Warranty – A smart garage door opener should have a generous warranty. In fact, there are garage door openers with lifetime warranties on their motor and belt or chain and a five year warranty on their parts. A generous warranty gives you confidence that you are at least protected if the garage door opener ever fails in its normal operations.

6- A Force Guard Control – The minimum amount of force needed to open or close a garage door is set using the Force Guard Control feature. It therefore enhances the general safety of the user.

7-Motor that Uses DC Current – Generally, a garage door opener motor that uses DC current operates quietly and effectively compared to garage door openers whose motor use AC current to operate Garage doors that make noise while in operation are not preferred by many people.

8-Availability of Lights – A smart garage door should have installed overhead lights that will aid its operation at night. The lights should be able to remain on long enough so that the user does not stumble at night.

9-A Smart Garage Door Opener must be able to operate with Speed – Some users are always in a hurry and tend to get impatient quickly. A smart, speedy garage door should be their best option.

Generally, If you decide to install a garage door opener with all the above listed features, I assure that it will last for years without showing any signs of defect and will definitely exceed your expectations based on performance and quality of service. We are a garage door service provider located out of San Jose and go by the name of San Jose Garage Door Experts

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