Contact a garage door repair company San Jose if you need to fix any serious issues with your garage door. For those who want to detect the faults before a Garage door repairperson is needed, we’ve compiled a list of do’s and don’ts that will hopefully assist you in pointing out any potential issues your garage door may have. Before you begin this safety check (which can be performed by anyone, as long as they take it slowly and carefully), inform the members of your household that you’re going to inspect the door and as such, it should not be operated. These steps should also be attempted in the order laid out below. Also, it should be done monthly:

The other option is to call a garage door repair service San Jose, or you can perform the spot-check to ensure that your door remains in working order. At the very least, you can detect a fault before it happens.

Force setting– for those doors that are equipped with an automatic opening system, this is a great test to see if the door closes too quickly. With a wide-open garage door, push the button to close it and stretch out your arm to stop the door from closing. If for any reason it does not stop or reverse with ease, instantly pull back your arm to avoid danger. For a door that won’t stop, you’ll have to contact a garage door repair company San Jose or a company in whichever area you’re located.

Photo eye safety– since the 90’s, all garage doors have been federally regulated to include an edge sensor or photo eye that detects an obstacle in the garage doors path. While the door is lowering, use a long object to break the beam of the photo detection eye. The door should begin to reverse. If it does not, attempt to clean the eye with a dry cloth. Repeat the test and if it fails again, a garage service technician will have to be contacted.

Reversing mechanism– this is to determine if the garage door will reverse if it hits a solid object. Grab a brick, plank of wood or otherwise and place it in the middle of where the garage door closes. Push the button to close the door. If the door strikes the object and does not instantly reverse, then there is an operating fault.

Door balance – this test is fairly easy, but another important one to perform. Turn off the automatic opening procedure and open the garage door yourself. This should be a breeze but if there is any resistance or it’s exceedingly difficult to open the door, it means that it may need to be serviced, as it’s out of balance.

Finally, a visual spot test – rule of thumb is, if something doesn’t look or sound right, there could be an issue. Look at the springs, mounting, rollers, cables, hinges and otherwise for any noticeable wear or tear. Even a minor visual flaw could be an indicator of a potentially serious Problem later down the line. If it looks out of place, don’t try to fix it yourself. Call a garage door service expert.

Perform your safety checks and be prepared when it comes time to call on a garage door repair service from