Several companies make it a part of their marketing strategy to sell you ideas that are not quite true. This rule applies to all products available in the market. Even garage doors! Here are a few myths busted about garage doors, so that you can make the right choice when choosing one for your home.

1. All garage doors are made equally

Nothing could be further from the truth. You will find garage doors in a wide variety of materials – vinyl, wood or iron. It is always best to choose one that keeps you and your family safe from all the hazards. You can consult a trusted garage door technician from San Jose Garage Door Experts to know all about the available options.

2. All garage doors are noisy

Garage doors turn noisy due to lack of maintenance. Make sure you have a good maintenance plan in place to keep your garage door working efficiently for a long time.

3. All companies offer the same kind of garage door services

Whether you will get a good quality garage door or not depends a lot on the kind of company and product you have chosen. If you have chosen an inexpensive garage door from an unreliable company, there is very little chance of good quality product. Choose the product of a well-reputed company and take the advice of a trusted garage door technician to install the best of garage door in your home.

4. All the work is done by the garage door opener

This common misconception is the main reason for most owners to ignore the maintenance of the door springs. The door springs are vital to the opening and closing of your door.

5. Garage doors do not require maintenance

Maintenance of garage doors is just as essential as that it is for your car. By getting your garage door regularly checked by professionals, you give your door a longer life, maintain its operational efficiency and ensure safety for yourself.

6. Garage doors can be installed without professional help

Wrong! It is too dangerous to install garage doors yourself.  Seek professional help to make sure that you stay safe and your door is installed correctly.

7. All springs need to be replaced

In case of symptoms where you suspect damage, get the springs checked by a technician. You will need to replace them if only a technician recommends it.

8. Aesthetic value of a door is not important

You may get an inexpensive, unsightly door for your home to save money. Research has proved that houses with better looking garage doors get better resale value.

9. While repairing, all bearings need to replaced

Just like the springs, you need to get the bearing checked for damage. You can get them repaired, but replace them only when your technician tells you to.

10. Damages can be repaired without help from a professional

No. Get a technician to fix the damage in a garage door. Garage doors are too dangerous to experiment with.

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